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Always one step ahead

We are sure that efficiency and competitiveness in the modern world depend on the ability to innovate. Constantly changing environment requires constant innovation changes in management.

We engraft innovations in our products, in accordance with international experience and doing our own research. Our main goal is always to be one step ahead.


Always abreast of new trends

For many years the Institute of research keeps under the school. School lecturers regularly control the changes in the business sphere in order to stay always abreast of new trends.

For example, today we can observe a surge of education for governing assistances.

It reflects the common strengthening of the economy and changing of the large company’s attitude to business education.


Our quality - your result

We guarantee the quality of our programs, offering production solutions to our clients. Trainings, conferences, lectures, probations and lots of other projects is all what TWINGOO has created for you.

We always use advanced technologies to make the process of your studying more interesting and efficient. Proof of the success of our products are our clients, world business leaders.

Who we are

Ready to show you your way to success

TWINGOO business-school is an institution that works according to the international standards of business education.

We offer a unique learning conditions - getting new knowledge and skills occurs simultaneously with the formation of a network of business contacts.

TWINGOO adheres to the concept of "Lifelong learning". Knowledge, obtained  in high school, is not sometimes enough in a dynamically changing world of business.

Highly competitive markets require quick reactions, correct answers, innovative management solutions.

Our school has been successfully existing for over 20 years.

During this time, 114 large branches of the school have been opened.

The coaches in TWINGOO are highly skilled professionals, who their are ready to teach you how to achieve success, relying on their personal experience.

Our clients

We are trusted by the best of the best

During the existence of the TWINGOO, a lot of companies and starters have become our customers. Most of them are now prosperous and popular in the business sphere.

We are trusted by many enterprises and businessmen from all corners of the globe. The majority of them, for sure, is well-known to you. Our programs are your real chance to become as successful as our graduates.

Why us

We strive for your success

We offer an integrated portfolio of products in order to provide full and specific solutions for our customers.

We create a unique atmosphere of cooperation, mutual support and sincere interest in each other's success. We use whole possible potential of interactions in our activities and portfolios of products. We stand behind the quality of our programs and the performance of our education results for clients.

What we do

Creating all the necessary conditions for your development

Our mission is creating value for individuals, companies and society through:

-   Practical, comprehensive training aimed at management and organizational development;

-   Applied researches in the field of management;

-   The introduction of the best world management experience to your business practice;

-   Proactive, customer-oriented teaching methods.