Our team

Business-sharks who work for your advancement

Adam Barker

The head of the company. Leading coach. Teaches disciplines: ‘Operations research’, ‘Theory of administeriang decision-making’, ‘Systems and methods for decision making’, ‘Data analysis’, "Risk-management", ‘Quantitative methods in business’.

Laura Stegner

The first subprincipal. A mentor of the Investment course. Teaches disciplines: ‘Financial management’, ‘Investment management’.

Greg Braun

A mentor of the Marketing course. Teaches disciplines: ‘Media-lobbying and business communications with the media’, ‘Corporate governance’, ‘Corporate social responsibility’, ‘Knowledge management’.

Janice Barlow

A mentor of the Management course. Teaches disciplines: ‘Management’, ‘Strategic management’.

John Franklin

President of Twingoo business institute of researches. Teaches disciplines: ‘Innovation and leadership’, ‘Product development’, ‘Creativity and innovation culture’.

Sam Kromstain

Editor in chief of business periodical ‘TWINGOO’. Teaches disciplines: ‘Competence leader’, ‘Organizational culture’, ‘The winner of the future’.

Inga North

One of the leading coaches. Teaches disciplines: ‘Negotiation technique’, ‘Presentation skills and public speaking’.

Mark Johnson

One of the leading coaches. Teaches disciplines: ‘Visual culture in advertising’, ‘Biological foundations of leadership’, ‘Protection of the information environment’.

Powerful and effective cooperation lasting for years!

TWINGOO adheres to the concept of "Lifelong learning". Knowledge, obtained  in high school, is not sometimes enough in a dynamically changing world of business. Highly competitive markets require quick reactions, correct answers, innovative management solutions.

We stand behind the quality of our programs and the performance of our education results for clients. We are trusted by many enterprises and businessmen from all corners of the globe. We work to ensure that you become more successful with each passing day. Trust us, and you will not regret your choice.

Our school works for your success. We have assembled a team of professionals who will help you to make your life easier and your business - prosperous. We look forward to seeing you in our programs

Aiden Hamilton, a founder of ‘Twingoo’

Compare, choose and save

We’ll keep you away from strategic mistakes

Compare with our periodic publication

You always have the opportunity to compare with the help of our periodic publication. We regularly update our information about the success of different world companies and businessmen from all over the world. You can monitor the rating of business structures and strive to be among the best.

Choose your course

You can choose one of our specialized courses, which suits you best. Through lectures and trainings, which are held by qualified specialists, you will be able to improve your skills and acquire new knowledge. And, of course, learn to apply them in practice.

Save your money with the Research Institute

Thanks to our Research Institute, you can always stay up to date with the latest trends and, thus, save your money. Professional researchers will save you from strategic mistakes that can destroy your business.

Our history

Big success during the short time-period


Business school ‘Twingoo’ was founded by Aiden Hamilton. Its first office has been situated in Cambridge, and nowadays it is the head-office.


By this time 11 offices of the business school have appeared in Europe. The complex course was divided into 2 parts ‘Management’ and ‘Investment’.


The first issue of the periodical ‘TWINGOO’ was printed.


A ‘Marketing’ course has been opened. By this time 89 offices have been working all over the world.


‘TWINGOO’ research institute has been founded. Adam Barker became a head of the company.


Our company is one of the most successful in the world. Our offices number 114 in 4 continents of the world. ‘Twingoo’ clients take first places in ‘Forbes’ lists.