The Business administration programm has officially started. A group of young and ambitious listeners start their way to the development of their practical business knowledge and learning the secrets of building effective business. For two years they will complete 24 courses of basic economic, vocational and management training. During next two years of studying in the program, students will receive a comprehensive understanding of the business, learn to look at situations from different angles, to assess the benefits and risks of the taken decisions.

29 October, in the city of Dresden will come-off a master class from leading specialist of 'Twingoo' school, Greg Braun

The goal of the master-class:

1. Formulate significant differences of modern business environment

2. Demonstrate the dynamic of approaches to strategic management

Main issues:
1. Modern-period features of development of the economic system
2. The importance of strategic management
3. Dynamics of the approaches to strategic management
4. Risk management as an important technology

10:00 am - registration
11:00 am - 1:15 pm - master-class 'New economic approaches'
13:15 pm - 13:45 pm - question/answer session
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We invite you to visit the Laura Stegner master-class ‘European experience of development of small and medium businesses’.

It will be held on 6th November, in Kyiv. Laura will prove you that the problems of Ukrainian business and entrepreneurship are not unique, and will offer ready-made strategies for survival in a competitive market. She will also share experiences of European companies. You will get acquainted with practical examples of stimulating innovations, and their implementation schemes for sustainable development of the enterprise.

Laura Stegner, Rome Business School (Italy). Has a master's degree in international relations (Madrid University), MBA (Cambridge University). Is completing a dissertation at Rotterdam School of Management. Laura has many years of experience in consulting activities. Sphere of scientific interests: strategic management, entrepreneurship and innovations.

Speech language — English (simultaneous translation).