What is business education? Business education primarily differs from the traditional level of practical application. It is designed for people who have basic higher education and some experience. At the university in obtaining higher education it is necessary to study a number of disciplines, not much needed in practical activities, such as history, philosophy, mathematics. Yes, they are important, but only to raise the level of general intellectual development of personality, and often the modern business person doesn't have enough time for it.

If the typical student lives ‘from session to session’, the listener of business courses is in constant cogitative process. He finds himself errors, flaws and produces the right solution, and the teacher (coach) only sends him in the right direction. If there are correct and incorrect answers in maths, in business there are no wrong decisions,they just affect your income.

Knowledge today is not only power, but money. Rapidly developing economy boosts the requirements for competence of market participants. It makes a business look for new tools not only to increase efficiency, but also to adapt to changing conditions. Employers, toughening the requirements for personnel, motivate him to increase professional level. At the same time, a qualified expert meticulously chooses the place and conditions of work. This is how the requisition on business-education borns.

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